New EDA Version 1.6

Category : Noticias

We already have a new version of EDA with us. And, as usual, it comes with a lot of interesting news.

I will give you a short summary:

  • New graphic: Sunburst.
  • New data source: Now we are able to read and make reports from webservices !!!!
  • A lot of small changes aimed at improving usability and that have come from the hand of our users:
    • Ability to «save how» a report.
    • New and more intuitive texts.
    • Improvements in managing the sharing of reports.
    • Improvements in the text editor.
    • Possibility to reload reports and refresh data.
  • We have a report dispatch planner. Your report in your email whenever you want.
  • We have incorporated a style editor for the reports

If you want to make a sensational report now you can !!!!

Do you want to try it? Now it’s easier than ever….

  • Contact us and we will tell you in detail all its benefits and how it can help you.
  • Take a look at the demo
  • Try the docker : docker run -p 80:80 jortilles/eda:latest
  • Download the code and enjoy, it’s on Github
  • Are you a Windows user? We have left a package on SourceForge