New EDA version 1.5

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Jortilles is pleased to announce the new version 1.5 of EDA.

This new version comes with a lot of interesting news:

  • Does your tool work for you? EDA does it. We have improved the alerts and now they are not only displayed on the screen. EDA checks them regularly and they send you an email in case it goes off.
  • We have incorporated new charts D3 based. Like the Treemap, the scatterplot or the Funnel. This is interesting if you work with an integrated CRM.
  • We have migrated to Angular 11 and improved the look. Lots of little details and tweaks that improve performance.
  • We have integrated new databases: Google BigQuery and Snowflake. Now we are Big DATA ?
  • We have incorporated the option to enable smart query caching. So, now it doesn’t matter how heavy your query is. EDA will fly.
  • We have enabled relations between dashboards. Now you can do a drill to dashboard in any chart!
  • We have improved management.
    • Improving the management of data models.
    • Improving the management of reports.
    • Improved the management of report components.
  • For pro users… We have improved the SQL interface.
  • We have updated the Docker

Do you want us to tell you everything? Sign up for the webinar next Thursday, April 22 at 17:00 CET and don’t miss any details. Reserve a place!

Do you want to try it?

  • Contact us and we will tell you in detail all its benefits and how it can help you.
  • Take a look at the demo
  • Try the docker: docker run -p 80:80 jortilles/eda:latest
  • Download the code and enjoy, it’s on Github