EDA And SuiteCRM

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( This post is just an English translation for EDA y SuiteCRM )

SuiteCRM is the successor to SugarCRM Community Edition. But some of the plugins developed for SugarCRM have stopped working well with SuiteCRM. One of them is Kreport. What if EDA could be an alternative to Kreport? What if EDA could be a substitute for Kreport?

EDA is the easiest analytical solution to use. And as such, it can be the analytical solution attached to any application. In this case SuiteCRM.

At Jortilles we have done the test. We have connected EDA directly to SuiteCRM and … we loved the result!

EDA is the perfect analytical plugin for SuiteCRM! Making the above report took me 1 minute! I have connected to the SuiteCRM database, I have put the names of the tables that I liked the most and I have started making reports. As simple as that and as practical as this . You do not believe it? Enter our demo and see for yourself.

If you have SuiteCRM and you have a hard time keeping track of your leads. You may be interested in integrating it with EDA. Do you find it very complicated? Try the EDA online version for FREE! In less than 5 minutes you will be making reports as interesting as the ones I have shown you.

SuiteCRM also offers SuiteCRM Analytics. Which is an integration with Pentaho, but it is a more complex and heavy solution when having to do a datawarehouse and ETL processes. Which is fine, but if I update a lead in my SuiteCRM I want to see the updated report at the moment. With EDA the reports are «live» so the information is immediately available.

If you have questions about how to connect your SuiteCRM (or any other application) to EDA to be able to make live reports, contact us and we will help you.