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This post is just a translation for EDA y ODOO.

After the integration of EDA with SuiteCRM we have decided to continue with the integration with other great Open Source tools. ODOO is the main Open Source ERP that exists in the market today, that is why we have decided to integrate EDA with ODOO.

Generating a new data model is really easy with EDA so connecting to ODOO has been as simple as defining the connection to the database.

Customize the model and voalá. We already have our direct connection with ODOO to see the activity of our company in real time!

In a really short time. We can make advanced reports that allow us to analyze the status of our company at a glance. And all with just few clicks!

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Certainly, if we want to have the pulse of the activity of our company EDA will provide us with great help. Likewise, it is a good idea to build a data warehouse to analyze historical data and combine it with third-party sources such as google ads or information from suppliers and customers.

Do you want to see the activity «in real time»? Check the «Live Dashboard» option and set a refresh interval in seconds. Now you can see the activity that occurs minute by minute.

If you do not have visibility about what is happening in your company and know «how sales are going» is a mystery that can be solved with a crystal ball. Get in contact with us. Maybe we can help you.

EDA is the most user-friendly reporting solution for business users. You can install it on your servers, because it is Open Source or you can have it as a service for a really competitive price.